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Thunder crashed as rain fell from the sky. The wind blew gently and coolly, sending a mist of soft rain to caress the girl in the forest. Walking under lamenting branches weighed down by tears, she felt their sorrow fall on her and trace her body. Her hair became darkened by their sadness, her body heavy from the rain. Puddles painted her canvas sneakers, darkening the fabric and chilling her to the bone. The girl shivered, pulled her dripping clothes closer to herself; the rain enveloped her almost tenderly while it stole her warmth. She turned up her music, blocking out the sound of nature.

The ground was adorned by pine needles that released a sweet perfume. As she hurried along in the forest, her soaked feet crushed the needles, overwhelming her senses with the smell. Wet leaves stuck to her ankles as she dodged the puddles, wishing she had brought an umbrella. Or at least some sensible shoes. She cranked her music higher, hoping the rain wouldn't damage her IPod.

At this thought, she pulled her wet hood over her long mess of now auburn hair, knowing it would frizz once it had dried. Alarm resonated in her as she realized she must protect her ear buds from the water.

She was so pre-occupied with these thoughts that she didn't notice the branch until it whipped her face, chiding her for carelessness. The girl stopped short, surprised. Her face stung; lifting her hand to the wound, she came away with some crimson on her frozen fingertips. She stared at her ruby fingertips in disbelief; the trees had cut her.

She turned her face up towards the trees as the rain started coming down harder. Lightning streaked across the sky as she felt irritation boil inside of her. The rain whipped at her face, wiping away the evidence of nature's offence. The sky grew darker and thunder rolled.

The girl closed her eyes and whimpered miserably. Her lips were blue, her skin as cold and as slippery as ice. She pitied herself for choosing to take the forest route; she scowled at the trees for providing her with so little shelter.

As she scowled, the thunder boomed once more; louder than ever before. She jumped slightly, her heartbeat matching the beat of the rain against the ground. Chiding herself for being so easily frightened, the girl stepped deeper into the shadows of the trees, half-hoping to be spared from the weather.

Yet even as she did so, a vicious downpour started, striking through the branches. The wind picked up, slicing through her poor clothes, leaving angry marks of cold red. The girl felt panic arising; she was alone, in the middle of the forest as a storm was approaching. She retreated against the oak trees, touching their bark lightly with her white hands, supplicating them to protect her.

The wind howled at her attempted escape; the rain punished her for seeking solace in a storm. Nature itself was turned against her, bent on rebuking her for some unknown crime. The girl shrunk back, her grey eyes filled with fear as the clouds opened up.

Misery dripped down her face, staining it with melancholy. She sank to the ground, defeated and repentant. She ripped the ear buds out of her ears, no longer in the mood for her music. Her chest heaved as she cried out with frustration, her voice cracking with the thunder. She cried in sorrow and in desperation, pleading for mercy.

As she gave one final plaintive whisper, the rain softened until it was only a light spray. The wind began to decrescendo into its lovely lullaby. The branches of the trees danced to the music as the thunder grew fainter. The lightning brightened the sky and lit up the forest, displaying the beauty of the raindrops suspended in the light. The puddles rippled with the breeze, reflecting the light into her grey eyes, matching the lovely grey of the sky.

The girl blinked, amazed. The storm was terrifyingly beautiful; it was devastatingly magnificent, dauntingly striking and as bewitching as the sea. From one moment to the next, chaos had turned into paradise. She trembled from awe; she had never experienced such an intimate moment with nature. With shaking legs, she stood up in the mud.

Amidst all the power of the storm, the forest had a fragile beauty. Leaves floated down with the rain, decorating the forest floor. She could hear the delicate music of the wind and the response of the swaying trees. In a moment, everything was in crystallized harmony. She held herself as nature performed for her, revealing everything she missed.

The simple heart-breaking beauty touched her. She felt the IPod drop from her hands into the puddles at her feet. The rain invited her to play, seducing her with light strokes. She closed her eyes once more, feeling the rain on her skin, the wind in her hair, the shifting stillness of the forest. Warmth spread in her as she started moving lightly to the music, spinning gently, touching the trees and gracefully dancing with the leaves. Even as the sun set, she continued dancing, revelling in the peaceful sensation of being one with the forest.

She had heard nature's song; she would never forget it.
Feeling a little confused right now with a few things.

I've recently become obssessed with the Piano Guys, who have literally been my musical therapy.

Every time I'm upset, stressed or just needing some voiceless music, they are there.

Which is funny, since I'm a singer. Guess I need a break from singing sometimes.

ANYWAYS. The piece was supposed to start off completely different!!! One of the songs by the Piano Guys is called Arwen's Vigil, which has a beautifully haunting melody. This song has been inspiration to many thoughts so I tried it with writing.

Not what i was expecting but that's the beauty of writing!!
I just finished writing it so I haven't formed an opinion on it yet (still in my writing daze) so let me know what you think!
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